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Sager Education Richmond Branch
STEM Program for Kids in BC

Explore STEM courses at Sager Education Richmond Branch in BC, where interactive learning meets child-focused programs. Join us for a journey of educational growth and skill development in a nurturing environment.

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Why Choose Us?

Check out what our institute has to offer:

No one-size-fits-all

Differentiated instruction that meets the learning needs of various learning levels and styles

Comprehensive curriculum

Support students in building curricular competency by promoting numerous skills like: questioning, predicting, and analyzing data

Learning report

We measure your child’s progress and collaborate with you to ensure goals are met.

Small class size

To ensure student interaction and an amplitude of collaboration/group work opportunities

A Peek into Our Community

Jennifer Wang, CA

"I sincerely thank and recommend Sager Educational Institution! My daughter Isabel Kong managed to make it to No. 7 in the National Finalists Top 10 after attending Sager's Economics Olympiad pre-competition training last week. My daughter likes Mr. Nasir's class very much. His thinking is very logical and the courseware is organized very well. In the first class, the teacher explained the marginal profit and marginal cost directly with the knowledge of calculus and derivatives, and raised my daughter's economics knowledge to the level of advanced mathematics. She used elementary mathematics to learn before. The first big question of the competition used the knowledge of partial derivatives taught by the teacher, which helped my daughter a lot in the competition.
At the same time, Sager Education’s customer service is also very good! Any time I have questions, Yuewan (manager) replies to me promptly and finds me resources."


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