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Terms and Conditions | Sager Education Richmond Branch BC

Review the Terms and Conditions of Sager Education Richmond Branch, outlining our policies and guidelines for STEM program participation, ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for all students in BC.


  • All prices include 5% GST. 



  • Upon remittance of fees by students, should they deem the course unsuitable prior to the completion of three sessions, they are entitled to a reimbursement of the remaining tuition fees. Alternatively, these fees may be allocated as credits for future courses. Post the attendance of three sessions, refund of fees is not permissible; however, the remaining tuition will be converted into credits applicable towards any subsequent courses.


  • It is mandatory for students to submit their leave requests a minimum of 24 hours in advance. In instances where the instructor is capable of recording the session, a video of the class will be provided to the student post-session, and attendance will be duly recorded. In scenarios where recording by the instructor is not feasible, and the leave has been requested with the requisite 24-hour notice, students may have the opportunity to attend an alternative class prior to their next scheduled session as a make-up for the missed class.

  • Furthermore, for every twelve sessions, there is an allowance for one session to be either deferred or its fee to be transformed into credit, and this can be sequentially replicated. Absences will be recorded in cases of failure to adhere to the 24-hour notice requirement, or exceeding the permissible limits for deferred sessions or credit conversions, with exceptions made for absences due to medical reasons or emergencies acknowledged by the institution.

  • In the event of suspension of group classes on BC statutory holidays or under other exceptional circumstances, the institution commits to providing advance notification to parents and guardians. It is to be noted that regular course schedules shall persist uninterrupted during non-statutory holidays, inclusive of spring, summer, and winter breaks.



  • Parents consent to pictures and videos taken by Sager Education staff to be used in promotion or advertisement for future Camps and Courses, including posting content on the website [] and any other social media pages.

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