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STEM Camps in Richmond Branch
Sager Education's 2023 Programs

Explore our 2023 STEM camps in Richmond, BC. Sager Education offers a variety of interactive and educational STEM camps, providing fun and skill-building opportunities for kids of all ages.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Spring STEM Camps


Summer STEM Camps


Winter STEM Camps


Katherine Sun, CA

“Nathan spent 1 week doing a variety of fun STEM activities with new friends from other schools. It was such a great experience!
The staff was very supportive and helpful in guiding the children in developing their communication skills."

Freesia's Mom, CA

“It was an amazing experience for my daughter! My shy, quiet, reserved daughter was loudly laughing and showing me the ‘crystals’ she made when I picked her up. Her self-esteem and independence increased tremendously. "

Joshua's Mom, CA

“Joshua had a well rounded and very eventful experience in the STEM Camp. The minute he got home he started talking about the robotics activities. Thank you for the amazing camp experience that you provided our son."

Phoebe's Mom, CA

“Phoebe loved the story writing activity. The staff were all very positive and supportive. They helped the kids feel comfortable and overcome challenges.​"

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