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Explore International Robot Contests with Sager Education Richmond Branch
Global STEM Challenges

Discover the world of international robot contests with Sager Education Richmond Branch. Get involved in prestigious competitions like BotBall, GYCC, RoboRAVE, and WER. These contests offer students an exciting platform to showcase their skills in robotics and coding, while competing with peers globally. Perfect for middle and high school students interested in STEM, these competitions provide a dynamic environment for learning, innovation, and teamwork.



Botball is an educational robotics program that focuses on engaging middle and high school aged students in team-oriented robotics competitions. Thousands of children and young adults participate in the Botball program.



Global Youth Coding Cup (GYCC) aims to provide the most fun computer programming contest for elementary and secondary school students. All grade 6-12 students who are interested in programming are eligible to participate in this contest.



RoboRAVE is an international robotics competition sponsored by Intel Corporation. The competition has accumulated 18 years of history in the United State.



The World Educational Robot contests were founded in 2013 and now, every year, more than 500,000 students from 30 countries participate and learn in these fun and educational STEM events.

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