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Meet Our Expert STEM Educators
Sager Education Richmond Branch in BC

Meet the expert STEM educators at Sager Education, Richmond, BC. Our dedicated teachers bring extensive experience and passion to our innovative STEM programs, guiding students towards success.

Joshua Han (STEM Instructor), CA

As a Co-op student at Sager Education, my experience has been an exciting and informative one! I learn things about myself as an individual, as well as learning valuable skills and experiences related to my field of study. As a student, I get to work on company projects, as part of a development team, and have the opportunity to collaborate with other Co-op students. As a teacher, I learn valuable people skills and communication that enables growth as an individual and have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and skills to the future generation. It is an honor to teach, but also guide the students into their learning, and help them understand concepts in a simple manner."


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