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Code Wizards Python Camp


G6 & Upper


2 Weeks (Mon-Fri)


About the Course

Welcome to our Python Programming Adventure Camp! This two-week camp is designed for students in grades 6 and up, and it will take them on an exciting journey into the world of Python programming. Through engaging activities and hands-on projects, students will learn how to build, program, and control various applications using the Python language.

In this camp, students will apply their Python programming skills and delve into the interactions of user input, working with logic, fundamentals of programming, task application as well as more complicated projects. They will showcase their creativity and problem-solving abilities by completing projects such as designing a guessing game, calculators of unit conversions as well as a fully functioning calculator.

Your Instructor

We offer a range of STEM courses to suit different needs and help every child grow and learn. We have many well qualified and experienced teachers, many of those have Masters and PhDs in their subjects of expertise.

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