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Sager Education's Stellar Achievements in North American Math and Computing Competitions

In a year marked by exceptional challenges and fierce competition, the students of Sager Education have risen to the occasion, achieving remarkable success in some of North America's most prestigious mathematics and computing contests. 🏆

Sager Education's achievements in North American Math Competitions.

In the AMC 8 contest of 2022, four of our students ranked in the top 5% globally, with one prodigious learner breaking into the top 1% and receiving an honorary award. The AMC 10/12 contests saw eight of our students advancing to the invitational rounds, including one who joined the elite ranks of the top 1% worldwide.

Sager Education's achievements in North American Computing Competitions.

At the heart of these achievements lie the triumphs in the USACO (USA Computing Olympiad) and the CCC (Canadian Computing Competition). Our students have not only participated but also excelled, securing top spots and advancing through the rigorous rounds of these competitions. These accomplishments are a testament to the dedication, skill, and strategic thinking fostered by Sager Education​​.

Cultivating Global Competence

Sager Education has always striven to provide a platform for our students to showcase their talents on the international stage. By participating in various international math and computer programming competitions, our students have not only gained international recognition but have also laid a solid foundation for their future success.

A Legacy of Focused Education Since 1999

Since its inception in 1999, Sager Education has been unwavering in its commitment to comprehensive education and training for children. We've been at the forefront of providing guidance for academic competitions, propelling our students to new heights with each passing year.

Diverse Course Offerings for Future Victories

But we don't stop at accolades. We continue to offer a diverse array of course options, each designed to equip our students for the rigors of competition. Our courses are carefully curated to give our students the edge they need to excel in their respective fields.

As we reflect on the past year's achievements, we're filled with pride for our students' hard work and excited for the journey ahead. Here's to another year of learning, growth, and success.

Join us at Sager Education, where champions are made, one code line and mathematical equation at a time. 📝

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