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JOIN NOW | RoboRAVE International Robot Contest! Registration Ends April 26, 2023🤖

Sponsored and supported by Intel Corporation

Exciting news! The world-renowned RoboRAVE International Competition is set to take place in California, USA on May 20th, 2023!

RoboRAVE is Sponsored and supported by Intel Corporation, the competition has a 20-year history in the United States, attracting tens of thousands of students each year. Students from Canada, China, France, Spain, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Czech Republic, India, and the United States have all participated.

The RoboRAVE competition challenges students to design, build, and program fully autonomous robots to complete tasks. The competition is rooted in inquiry-based learning and project-based learning, providing an excellent educational platform for students to develop their hands-on abilities, scientific literacy, teamwork, project and time management skills, and language expression.

As the authorized organizer of RoboRAVE Canada, Sager Education leads outstanding students to participate every year, adhering to the STEM education concept in North America. Principal Dr. Chris Zhang, who has rich experience in the field of robotics and a strong academic background, leads the students to the international competition once again after three years.

Dr. Zhang, who previously worked at the University of British Columbia, specializes in computational geometry theory, computer vision, and robot vision algorithms. He also serves as the President of Canada Youth Robotics Club, a non-profit organization, a Judge of Science Fair at the Vancouver Science Exhibition, and Chairman of the Canadian Division of RoboRAVE International Robot Competition.

In 2019, Dr. Zhang led the students to participate in international competitions and visited the Very Large Array – National Radio Astronomy Observatory(VLA). Due to the epidemic, the three games in 2020 were canceled, and the online games could not be carried out smoothly. Now, with the gradual resumption of regional competitions in other countries, principals and students are looking forward to participating in the first RoboRAVE international competition after the epidemic. Don't miss this chance to join forces and compete against the world's top robotics teams!

2019 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

The RoboRAVE Competition Concluded Successfully

Sager Education Team · 2019 RoboRAVE Contest

Experience the Thrill of RoboRAVE Competitions

RoboRAVE competitions are a blast! The competition is divided into subtasks that do not overlap, making it fun for everyone. It is team-oriented, requiring at least 2 people per team. Difficulty levels vary, making it suitable for students from elementary to university level. Students with no prior experience can start with basic tasks and develop their programming skills.

Every year, students from all over the world participate in the competition, providing a great opportunity for cultural exchange and communication. Besides the competition, there are also parties and other activities to enjoy, making it a great experience for everyone. Don't miss out on the fun and excitement of RoboRAVE competitions!

Competition Project Display - Alpine Robot

Competition Project Display - Entrepreneurship Robot

Competition Project Display - Fire Fighting Robot

Competition Project Display - Fighting Contest

Competition Project Display - Line Following

Competition Project Display - Sumo

Note: The robots in this competition are fully autonomous and not remote-controlled. They must be able to find, identify, and determine targets on their own in order to complete tasks.

The team members attended a social gathering where they had the opportunity to make friends, showcase their talents, and exchange gifts with teachers and students from over 20 countries.

Sager Education Achievements

Sager Education Student Team has won the gold medal at the

2019 New Mexico State Fire Fighting Final Championship!

At the RoboRAVE International Robot Competition,

Sager Education (Canada) achieved great success!

Won second place in the Line Following project!

Students Team from Sager Education

Elaine Chen、Mark Liu

Won Third Place in the RoboEthic Debating Finals

2019 RoboRAVE Contest Debate Topics:

· Utilize knowledge and examples related to robotics

· Examine the effects of artificial intelligence on employment prospects

Why Learn Programming and Robotics?

Programming and robotics are essential parts of a STEM education. In the process of building a robot, students learn practical hands-on skills like reading documents, understanding engineering drawings, selecting materials, cutting, and debugging. Robotics also involves multiple STEM fields, such as astronomy, where students can make their own telescopes to observe total solar eclipses. By learning programming and robotics, students can develop logical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, and innovation - all of which are essential skills needed for future societies.


Don't miss the competition application deadline on April 26th at 6 p.m.!

The fee per person is $2880, which includes training, airfare, accommodations, and insurance.

USA Trip Itinerary

On Friday, May 19, participating teams will depart for California at noon (specific city to be arranged by the organizing committee), and upon arrival, they will have dinner and check into the hotel. The race will take place all day on Saturday, May 20, and participants will have breakfast before departure, dine at the race venue, and return to the hotel in the evening. On May 21, after breakfast, the contestants will visit ZEISS Silicon Valley high-tech company with their teacher to explore high-tech products and projects, such as big data and laser, and learn from the company's high-tech talents to understand how artificial intelligence is combined with reality. Lunch will be arranged near the company, after which entrants will travel to the airport and return to Vancouver Airport safely in the evening, where they will be handed over to their parents.

Three-week RoboRAVE Training Challenge Camp

To better prepare students for the competition, we have arranged training camps. The specific time and location of the training camps are as follows. We will tailor the tasks according to the competition's requirements and the skill level of each student.

Vancouver Branch Camp

Saturday April 29th, May 6th and 13th 12:00-3:00pm

Sunday April 30th, May 7th and 14th 9:00-12:00pm

North Vancouver Branch Camp

Saturday April 29th, May 6th and 13th 9:00-12:00pm

Sunday April 30th, May 7th and 14th 9:00-12:00pm

Richmond Branch Camp

Saturday April 29th, May 6th and 13th 10:30-1:30pm

Thursday May 4th, May 11th and 18th 5:30-8:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents:

  • Do parents go with the students to the US?

Answer: The teachers of Sager Education will lead the team, so parents do not need to come along.

  • If the child has no experience in robot competition, will he not be able to win the prize?

Answer: The RoboRAVE robotics competition is an invaluable experience even if the child has no robotics competition experience. In the competition, each contestant needs to take each game seriously and give it his all so that it is possible to win various awards.

  • How valuable is the RoboRAVE robot competition?

Answer: The RoboRAVE robot competition is organized by Intel Corporation, so it has a high gold content. Every year, children from different countries take part in the competition, which is a good opportunity to exchange ideas.

  • What age can children participate in the RoboRAVE robot competition?

Answer: Participants must be 8 years old and above, that is, above grade 3 and below 18 years old.

  • Does each child need to undergo an ability assessment before participating in the competition?

Answer: In the training class, we will conduct an ability assessment for each child.

  • Is the competition an individual or a group? Can contestants bring their own robots?

Answer: The RoboRAVE robot competition is a team competition, and each team requires at least 2 participants. The robot is fully automatic and has non-remote control. We will provide the robot, and the contestants can also bring their own.

  • How confident are you to win the RoboRAVE robot competition?

Answer: As the Canadian organizer of RoboRAVE, we are very familiar with mission challenges and rules, and have won multiple awards, including Global Gold Awards, Regional Awards and Individual Awards.

  • In addition to this RoboRAVE robot competition, are there other American competitions?

Answer: Yes, please wait for the notification for specific information.

  • Is this RoboRAVE robot competition the final? Are there any other sessions?

Answer: This RoboRAVE robot competition is the final and there are no other sessions.

  • What does the fee include?

Answer: The total cost is $2880, including training, air tickets, board and lodging and insurance.

  • Is three weeks of training enough?

Answer: Although the training time is only three weeks, the training time is as long as 18 hours, which is very intensive.Professional courses and guidance will be provided to help children quickly improve their skills and competition experience. The tasks of RoboRAVE are different in each competition area every year. We will provide personalized guidance and adjustments based on the tasks provided each year and the actual situation of the children to ensure that they can fully master the skills and knowledge and perform at their best.

  • How to arrange the itinerary in the United States?

The participating teams will fly to California at noon on Friday, May 19 (the specific city to fly to will be arranged by the organizing committee), arrange dinner and check into the hotel upon arrival. The race will take place all day on Saturday, May 20, with participants having breakfast before departure, dining at the race venue and returning to their hotel in the evening. After breakfast on May 21, the contestants will go to ZEISS Silicon Valley high-tech company (led by the teacher in charge) to visit high-tech products and projects such as big data and laser, and communicate and learn with the company's high-tech talents to understand artificial intelligence combined with reality. Lunch will be arranged near the company, after which entrants will travel to the airport and be safely returned to Vancouver Airport in the evening and handed over to their parents.

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