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Become a Robotics Champion with the WRO Contest Prep Course

Are you a young enthusiast with a passion for robots and technology? Do you want to showcase your skills and knowledge in a global stage? Look no further because Sager Education is proud to announce our WRO Contest Preparation Course!

This comprehensive program is designed to help students of all ages hone their skills and become a top competitor in the World Robot Olympiad.

WRO is a world-renowned international robotics competition that recognizes the efforts and talents of young individuals in the field of technology. With over 90 participating countries and recognition from prestigious universities, participating in the WRO competition can open up a world of opportunities for students.

Join us from February 28th to April 30th for 18 comprehensive lessons. 2 lessons per week to hone your skills and conquer the competition. During the 18 lessons, students will receive hands-on training on the EV3/Spike set and learn about robot design, programming, and the completion of various missions. With guidance from our experienced instructors, students will get to practice their robots and receive valuable feedback to help them achieve their best performance in the competition.

Our course also covers all necessary equipment and competition registration fees, making it easier for students to participate in this exciting opportunity. All students need to bring is an iPad/Android Pad or laptop for programming. Our course is available in two categories - Elementary (suitable for 8-12 years old) and Junior (suitable for 11-15 years old) - ensuring that students of all ages can participate and experience the thrill of the competition.

Joining the WRO Contest Prep Course is a chance for students to challenge themselves, develop their skills, and explore new opportunities in the field of robotics. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and be on your way to becoming a robotics champion!

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