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Unlocking English Fluency




4 Weeks (Mon-Fri)


About the Course

Welcome to our ELL summer course, specifically designed for international students in grades 4-7 who are non-native speakers of English in Canada, particularly those currently at the ELL 1-2 level.

The course is fully aligned with ELL standards and aims to effectively improve students' English skills while helping them adapt quickly to Canadian teaching methods and learning styles. In the course, we provide comprehensive training in listening, vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, and speaking to help students enhance their English proficiency. Additionally, we incorporate TED4ESL to provide practical language applications and contexts to help students better utilize English in their daily lives and studies.

To ensure personalized instruction, we require proof of the student's current level in ELL program and evaluation report from their ELL teacher at their current school before the course. This information will help us understand the student's current English level and areas that need extra attention, so that we can provide targeted teaching and tutoring.

Your Instructor

All of our courses are developed by Sager's expert team. We have many well qualified and experienced teachers, many of those have Masters and PhDs in their subjects of expertise.

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