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SSAT Middle Level English




8 Weeks (Mon/Wed/Fri)


About the Course

The SSAT Middle Level Summer Training Program is designed to assist students in grades 5-7 who are applying to schools for grades 6-8. The course is focused on helping students master vocabulary through scientific and efficient methods, including using the SSAT vocabulary list and tests to improve their vocabulary and ability to quickly identify synonyms and analogies in questions.

In the reading section, students will learn critical reading skills to help them understand the meaning of articles and grasp the meaning of words and sentences.

Although the writing section is not included in the SSAT total score, it plays an important role in the admission evaluation of private schools. Therefore, the course will help students develop their writing structure and sentence expression skills, cultivate their ability to analyze dialectical thinking, and enable them to write authentic and in-depth essays.

Your Instructor

All of our courses are developed by Sager's expert team. We have many well qualified and experienced teachers, many of those have Masters and PhDs in their subjects of expertise.

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