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Robot Map Challenge Camp




2 Weeks (Mon-Sat)


About the Course

This two-week camp will provide older kids with an immersive experience in the fascinating world of robotics programming. Through a series of engaging activities and projects, participants will learn how to construct, program, and control robots to tackle creative tasks and overcome challenges.

During the camp, kids will explore the functionalities of gyroscopes, sensors, and programming techniques to control robot movements, detect colors, avoid obstacles, and more. They will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and problem-solving abilities by completing specific projects, such as addressing ship litter, restoring coral areas, and rescuing stranded whales in the sea.

Your Instructor

We offer a range of STEM courses to suit different needs and help every child grow and learn. We have many well qualified and experienced teachers, many of those have Masters and PhDs in their subjects of expertise.

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